Printing service

Printing service

As part of our service, we also offer the finishing of your articles according to your wishes. In order to give you a brief insight into our production and printing of articles, we will take you on a short information trip below.

With various finishing processes, such as applying doming, printing, engraving, embossing and various other techniques, we enable you to decorate your goods with your logo in the best possible way.

For an optimal order process and therefore perfect promotional items, please note the potential delay points listed below.

Check Data

Send us your data with the best possible resolution. After checking the data, they are prepared for the print shop. You will receive a still image of your goods and the finishing from us. We attach particular importance to the optimal placement of your logo, picture or lettering. 

Edit Data

We will be happy to help you if you want to make changes to your data or if you do not have them in a suitable form. 

Logo Design

Our graphic designers will also be happy to support you in the professional implementation of your ideas. 

Consulting services

With any concerns and questions about ideas, concepts and even the graphic design of your promotional items, we are always at your side with our creativity and experience. 

For example:

  • Creating your Logo Storage Service
  • Choice of printing colors
  • Position of your logo on the promotional items
  • Selection of the suitable finishing technology

At your request, we would be happy to save your data such as logo, pictures or lettering in our access-protected database in order to save you time with your next order.

Data delivery - what needs to be considered

The printing process of your logo is based on standardized processes. For this reason, the following information and requirements are essential for smooth processing: 



Please send us your pictures and logos in color and grayscale as original files without embedded objects. Your logo should be available as a vectorized file in EPS format. In addition, the images should have a minimum size of 300 dpi, which is 1200 dpi for bitmaps.



With a minimum size of 6 pt for positive fonts and 8 pt for negative fonts, all fonts should be converted into paths. Alternatively, you can also provide us with the font files in the TRUETYPE and OPENTYPE formats. In general, the effort involved in processing paths is low. To create vectorized EPS files, we recommend the following programs: Adobe Freehand®, Adobe Illustrator® 


Color specifications

We use the color definitions PANTONE or HKS solid colors. For each color gradation, we need a separate color specification from you. Four-color printing CMYK includes the scale colors cyan, magenta, yellow, contrast (black).

Laser engraving

The surface treatment with a strong laser beam creates a high-quality engraving on the material. In contrast to mechanical engraving, the depth of laser engraving is hardly noticeable visually and haptically. Thanks to the water and smudge resistance, the result is also permanent. Laser engraving is only possible in one color and for metallic surfaces, whereby the color depends on the product material due to the surface that has already been treated. Aluminum (steamed), plastics or copper are possible.


Pad printing

This is an indirect printing process based on the gravure printing principle, whereby the neutral silicone stamp is wetted with the color image of the print graphic. In this way, the colors are alternately applied to the printing surface one after the other. The soft, flexible color stamp made of silicone (tampons) can also print high-quality curved surfaces without any problems. Due to the low cost, pad printing is one of the most important processes in the field of plastic printing. 


Blind embossing

Embossing without color - either deepened or raised. Blind embossing is ideal for metal and leather.